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A living museum of culture, community space, kid-friendly music spot, job-creator, non-profit HQ, and home of the Krewe of Red Beans
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The magic of New Orleans is in its culture.
Made by the people; the soul of the city.

Beanlandia will host pop-ups, cultural events, and hands-on exhibits about home-grown New Orleans culture in a kid-friendly, shared community space. It will be a place to celebrate New Orleans and support our city's unique, vibrant culture.

Beanlandia will also attract tourists. Profits will be re-invested into supporting New Orleans through our sister non-profit endeavor Feed the Second Line and other Krewe of Red Beans initiatives.

Above all else, Beanlandia is a place that will support New Orleanians —creating jobs and revenue that can support our city—while giving us a platform to further promote other initiatives to help our city.

At its core, Beanlandia will be about supporting the city we love.


Thanks to a significant amount of luck and goodwill (two loans with generous terms), the Krewe of Red Beans has purchased a building in the heart of the Bywater neighborhood, where many of our krewe members live.

3300 Royal is a  25,000 sq foot former furniture factory that will become Beanlandia.

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Become a monthly donor at any amount to become a member. This will allow you to enter Beanlandia during normal hours. You'll also get first chance to buy tickets to any Beanlandia event. This is how we will collectively sustain Beanlandia.

Sponsor a Glitter Bean

Normal museums would sell off bricks on the patio or atrium. For beanlandia we offer your name or a loved one's name on a locally-made glitter bean! For all of Beanlandia, your name will live on. Also makes a great gift!

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Beanlandia Capital Campaign

Based on the size of the building, the renovation will cost around $3.5 million. We're crowd-funding the capital to renovate the building - to create a world-class space for our community. Please consider supporting this effort by donation to the Beanlandia Capital Campaign.

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