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Most krewe dens are only for members.
Beanlandia is for the community.

Red Beans is for the people.

Beanlandia will be more than a new HQ — it's where we'll have our own non-profit float building iniative, cafe, crafts area, and a bean museum!

Because the world needs a bean museum… right?

We'll host pop-ups, cultural events, and hands-on exhibits about home-grown New Orleans culture in a kid-friendly, shared community space. Beanlandia will celebrate New Orleans and supports our city's unique, vibrant culture.

We hope to also create jobs and opportunities for New Orleanians (especially culture bearers), and like all of our projects, all profits from Beanlandia will be re-invested into our city.

Give beans a chance! Donate to Beanlandia!

Make a one-time donation toward the down payment, or join as a monthly contributor to help with the mortgage/expenses. Our bean magic has — and continues to be — possible only through the power of small grass-roots donors like you!


Krewe of Red Beans creates ways for anyone, anywhere to support New Orleans culture.

Through our projects, we've raised over $2 Million for our city during COVID — money that has gone towards wages for musicians, support for our culture-bearers, and lifelines for struggling bars and restaurants!

Feed the Front Line

March 16 to May 4, 2020 - the largest grassroots campaign in America! Feeding front-line hospital workers in New Orleans with food from local restaurants. 90,000 meals, 10,000 coffee and cookie orders, over 1 million dollars raised in 6 weeks. 0$ spent on admin.

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Feed the Second Line

Buying groceries for elder-culture-bearers + employing musicians and younger culture-bearers with gig-work opportunities. To date, this effort has created over $300,000 worth of job opportunities and purchased over $168,000 worth of groceries for the most vulnerable and valuable asset in New Orleans, the people who make our culture.

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Hire a Mardi Gras Artist

An initiative to put Mardi Gras artists who, due to the pandemic, were un- or under-employed back to work creating “house floats” for Carnival 2021. Launched on Dec 4th, 2020, this 6-week initiative raised $330,000 and created work for 48 people, including 32 Mardi gras artists and created 23 “house floats.”

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Bean Coin

An initiative to support the neighborhood bars of New Orleans struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. Bean coin is a way to give monetary support to bars, a shop-local campaign, and a environmentally sustainable potential alternative to plastic Mardi Gras beads. Launched on Feb 10th 2021, Bean Coin has raised $120,000 so far and enabled us to directly support 10 culturally significant neighborhood bars with more to come!

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Since 2008, we've been a love-your-city type of krewe.

Our krewe began as simple halloween costume, inspired by a love of beans. Then inspiration came from New Orleans culture: Second Line traditions (marching parade with a brass band) and the amazing Black Masking Indian tradition (making an elaborate suit). Our first parade was a bit of a hot mess... with no crowd at all. But it was the most fun... and we decided to do it again!

A tradition was born...

In the process, unbeknownst to us, we were creating a community — a Bean Universe! Our love for New Orleans runs deep and we're working year-round to build a stronger community and celebrate the culture we all love.

for love of the culture

With everything we do, we want to help build a stronger support system and safety net for the culture-bearers that make New Orleans such a special place to live and visit. The culture is our greatest treasure! We're working to preserve, appreciate, and celebrate the culture of New Orleans. Whether it's supporting local businesses, creating jobs, giving artists a platform, or simply telling our unique stories, our aim is to contribute to a stronger, resilient, more equitable and sustainable New Orleans.